Made in the U.K

An opportunity arose last November to buy a company. To run and manage my own business was a long-held ambition of mine.

Working with Howard Warrington, a long-time friend and now business partner, we have taken over Hervé Engineering Limited. A family owned business for five generations, Hervé Engineering was established in 1850 and is one of the oldest registered companies in the U.K.

Why Hervé Engineering and why manufacturing?

We had been aware of the company for many years but when we looked closer at the business it very quickly became clear the company has an enviable reputation for quality. In fact the actual manufacturing part of the business works extremely well – which is a good thing because this is not where our collective skill-sets and experience lay.

Industry 4.0 is billed as the forth industrial revolution and this is where we think we can bring much-needed expertise and fresh ideas to the business. Industry 4.0 is the adoption of digital technologies to bring about the ‘smart factory’. We have highly sophisticated CNC machines which produce components with tolerances as small as two microns but currently they don’t talk to each other.

The company has a great story to tell but has kept a very low profile in marketing term. The website - our shop window to the world – was Neolithic. We have just launched a new site which makes it clearer to potential customers why Hervé?

Why manufacturing?

To everything there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3). When we looked at the business, the industry and the wider economy we thought, why not? The economic backdrop hasn’t looked this good for some time. Brexit, currency moves and a willingness/desire from Government to rebalance the economy and increase the contribution made by the manufacturing sector to U.K. GDP.

As an ‘on-shore’ manufacturer we have certain advantages over other centres be it Eastern Europe or Asia. Maybe we can’t compete with the cost structures available from China but we have a massive advantage by being closer to our customers. We have lead times off-shore firms can never compete with.

Manufacturing in the U.K. is thriving and we are very excited to be a part of it.